Department Dean of Natural Philosophy, Professor of Mathemagics, Instructor of Natural Philosophy, Magickal Practice, Wortcunning, and Lore

I live in a very rural part of The Low Country, South Carolina, which suits me, I love being close to nature and we have a nice piece of land, an old house, and two gardens.  My husband and I live here with two dogs, two cats, two snakes, ten chickens, one rooster, and a new tom cat that showed up.  I grew up having a very nomadic life, which I loved, and I was lucky enough to grow up exploring the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, the Ozarks and “back-woods” of Southern Arkansas.  I have loved being out in nature my entire life and over the years picked up a lot of knowledge and survival skills.  I am on the path of a Druid, a member of OBOD, and I am studying that path along with taking classes with Grey School.  I believe most of us never stop being a student of something.  I am always available at