Rita Brightly

Faculty, Instructor of Magical Practice, Beast Mastery, and Psychic Arts

During the summer of love Rita Brightly was born in Santa Cruz, California where she still resides with her husband, her dog Ruby and her several silky-soft, slightly overweight fur persons (AKA kitty cats).

Rita’s Esoteric studies have been vast and varied and she considers herself an eternal student. Ms. Brightly was fortunate to be raised in a Pagan family and was in her first study coven/circle/class group at the age of 14. Being kin to the Fey, her studies began many, many years before, as a young child. A natural born empath, Ms. Brightly has always had an affinity with animals, crystals and gemstones.

Ms. Brightly loves her life and has much to share.
As a friend and teacher, you will find her joyful, positive, optimistic, encouraging, sweet and kind.
You may contact Ms. Brightly here:  Rita.Brightly@gmail.com