James “Lloydiarth” Lloyd

Dean of Faculty, Dean of Cosmology, Dean of Wizardry,Instructor of Psychic Arts, Performance Magicks, Alchemy & Magickal Sciences, Lifeways, Cosmology, Mathemagicks, Lore

Son of U.S. Air Force officer and the most brilliant mom, Lloydiarth was born in Florida, then lived in Japan, California, Canada, and Texas before landing in California again in 1968. At age 13, Lloydiarth assembled a mechanical computer, as he pursued a fascination with aviation, astronomy, physics, aerodynamics, space exploration, computers, art, music, guitar, electronics, and gadgetry of any kind.  As a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol he earned the Billy Mitchell award and thru the efforts of his father enjoyed the opportunity to experience a military jet orientation flight, with his father as the pilot. An experienced backpacker, Lloydiarth loves working outdoors. Pursuing a career in construction, he has 40 years’ experience as a general contractor and owner of James Lloyd Design, building houses that have become known for their old world character, and holds the prestigious Green Building Award from the City of Santa Cruz. Designing homes with computer aided design software on fast computers that he personally builds, Lloydiarth lives with his life partner and family deep in the redwood mountains of Bonny Doon. Expressing his vision for teaching at Grey School, Lloydiarth says, “Thru the looking glass of quantum mechanics, we see a new paradigm, the cosmology of consciousness. As the renown quantum physicist John Wheeler said “It from Bit”.  The true nature of reality where the universe is a product of consciousness; encompasses and combines physics and magic.”