John “Apollonius” Opsopaus, BS, MS, PhD

Professor of Mathemagicks, Magickal Practice, & Ceremonial Magick

Professor Opsopaus has practiced Magick and Divination since the 1960s, and his writings have been published in over 30 Magickal and NeoPagan magazines. He has designed the Pythagorean Tarot and written the comprehensive Guide to the Pythagorean Tarot. He lectures on Hellenic Magick and Neopaganism, Theurgy, Divination, etc. Dr. Opsopaus founded the Omphalos, a networking organization for Graeco-Roman Neopagans, and his Biblioteca Arcana website has won numerous awards. Dr. Opsopaus is a member of Hellenion, ADF, PEN, and Coordinator of the CAW Scholars Guild. He is listed under “Who’s Who in the Wiccan Community” in Gerina Dunwich’s Wicca Source Book.