Guy “silverlocke” Teague

Assistant Dean of Cosmology

In 2008 Guy took the Magickal name of silverlocke when he discovered Magick from a book he found in the local B&N: ‘Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard’ by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and although the only thing he knew about Magick was that James Randi told him it didn’t work and Houdini had debunked it thoroughly, silverlocke forced his skeptical mind open and studied hard and long for nearly six years to graduate as a Journeyman Wizard of the Grey School of Wizardry. He is a Solitary Eclectic and also a Pagan, a Wiccan, a Witch, and a Warden, all while (hopefully) retaining nearly all of his scientific reasoning and objectivity and skepticism and most of his Agnosticism. He has recently been greatly honored to be selected to the post of Grey Warden under the aegis of Oberon Zell and the Grey Council and hopes that what he learns here can be used in that group and vice-versa. The closest silverlocke has to a personal web page is one he built to help fellow GSW students at: