Aaron “Frater Adservio” Meighen, AAS

Dean of Ceremonial Magick Department, Head of Flames Lodge, Grey Matters Faculty Advisor

Frater Adservio is a 15-year veteran of magick and the occult. His interest was piqued at the age of ten when he stumbled across writings on the chaos magick pioneered by Phil Hine and Peter Carroll. Those early days ultimately led him to a more generalized study of magick, in all of its manifestations and forms. Eventually, he found a spiritual home in the field of ceremonial magick. Specifically, the elegant beauty of the Golden Dawn system appealed deeply to something in his nature. He has primarily focused on this unique expression of the Western Mysteries for the last decade. Today, he also studies and practices hoodoo and angelic evocation alongside ceremonial ritual. This blend of thaumaturgy and theurgy has proven satisfying to his spiritual as well as his mundane needs.