Amycus Kragge, MBA

Assistant Dean of Cosmology, Professor of Wizardry, Psychic Arts, Healing & Ceremonial Magick

Amycus Kragge (1964-) Is both a master in business administration and a master of a traditional “old school” Japanese martial art. Amycus had a fascination with psychokinesis and the occult at an early age, using it to launch scholastic science projects and personal studies. Amycus began training in various martial arts since he was 8 years old; studying among other things; Japanese swordsmanship, traditional jujutsu, ninjutsu, and the healing art of shiatsu. These studies brought him face to face with the austere and esoteric Mikkyo, the secrets of invisibility, projecting and concealing the spirit and the use of “haragei”- the Japanese equivalent of clairsentience. Amycus studied magic and illusion as a teenager to understand and compensate for the human faulty sensory system we all share, and along the way found it very interesting and enjoyable. While serving in the U.S. military and spending many nights alone at night in the woods, Amycus took a fascination with and began studying the movements of the Sun, Moon and Stars also delving into camouflage and concealment, woodland craft, booby trap making, and improvised explosives among other subjects. Magick has always been a passion of his, and Amycus uses this for the betterment of those around him while in the roll of counselor and healer.