Frequently Asked Questions

Asking questions is the start of serious research. Here are a selection of the most often asked questions about Grey School by students and parents. Is your question here?

What is Wizardry?

What is Wizardry?

Merriam-Webster defines Wizard this way:

  1. archaic :  a wise man :  sage

  2. one skilled in magic :  magician

  3. a very clever or skillful person <computer wizards>

Any of these three describe the sort of person you will meet at Grey School. Our students are interested in learning the wisdom of ages, the magick of life, and skills to manifest a brighter tomorrow.

Is magick real?

Is magick real?

Grey School Headmaster, Oberon Zell says,  “Magic is the enhancement of probability toward a desired outcome.” If this is true, then magick is certainly real, and available in every facet of life. This is why we offer 16 different departments in Four Colleges of Magickal study at Grey School of Wizardry.

How does an Apprentice become a Journeyman Wizard?

What is a Journeyman Wizard?

To become a Journeyman Wizard, students complete a series of courses within the department of magickal study of choice. These cover a series of lessons increasing in complexity, within one of 16 different fields of arcane and classical knowledge. Completing a Major promotes intellectual and magickal growth from disciplined, intensive study of one subject.

Students may also choose to add a Minor, to diversify experience or support their main focus. Each Department will offer a general Major and Minor; there will also be specialized Departmental and interdisciplinary programs.

Must I leave home to learn at Grey School?

Where is Grey School of Wizardry?

Grey School of Wizardry is conveniently located where ever you have internet connection available. Our online campus (you are here) is the most frequented of our facilities. Here, students take classes and engage in a lively social community together. Next in popularity is our virtual campus, where students use avatars to visit our simulated campus, take classes, and enjoy real time conversation with other students and faculty all over the world. And a few students are able to visit the magickal museum and research library that are part of our physical campus located in Santa Cruz, California. Workshops, presentations, and Conclaves are held here for visiting students.

Are there required text books?

Are there required textbooks?

What would a school be without its textbooks? Career Press/New Page Publishing supports the Vision and Mission of the Grey School of Wizardry by publishing an ongoing series of textbooks written by faculty members, and developed from courses taught in the Grey School. Here are the first texts you will need as a student at Grey School:

Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard (2004) By Oberon Zell-Ravenheart & the Grey Council – This is the book that started it all! An essential student guide gathering into one volume the Wisdom of the Ages at an apprentice level, laying the foundation for the Grey School of Wizardry.

Companion for the Apprentice Wizard (2006) By Headmaster Oberon Zell-Ravenheart & the Faculty of the Grey School of Wizardry – A “practicum” supplement to the Grimoire. Special Bonus Feature: 24 pages of cut-out models of magickal devices to assemble!

Other titles are required texts in some classes. These are available at our campus shop www.magickalley.com Visit the Magick Alley page to find out more about purchasing these books and Grey School items.

What is Sorting?

What is Sorting and how does it happen?

Sorting is the Grey School process of selecting the Elemental House/Lodge that is right for you. Each semester awards and honors are given to the top House/Lodge, via merits earned through student participation. To be sorted into your House or Lodge, click the link on the My Account page that says “Read the introduction from our Headmaster and visit the Sorting Staff for House/Lodge assignment!!” This task will include letters from the GSW Administration and will end with a visit to the Sorting Staff which will sort you into your House/Lodge!

Who is my Faculty Mentor?

Who is my Faculty Mentor?

Your faculty mentor is your house or lodge head.

Your student mentor would be the prefect of your house or lodge.

How do I find my House/Lodge?

How do I find my House/Lodge?

To access your House/Lodge informational page on the Grey School site, find the section labeled “Student’s Area” on the left side of the Grey School website. Click the link “House/Lodge Page” to view your House/Lodge page.

To access your House/Lodge forum, click the link “School Forums,” also in the “Student’s Area” section. Your House/Lodge forum will be at the top of the forum list. If you don’t see your House/Lodge forum, contact your House/Lodge head to be added to the forum.

To access your House/Lodge on virtual campus, take the class ‘vGSW Orientation’ and request a teleport and group invitation from your House/Lodge Head.

How do I find the Handbook (and other student information)?

How do I find..?

To access your student handbook, click the link “Student handbook,” third item down in the left sidebar titled “Student’s Area”.

How do I advance at Grey School?

Study at Grey School is self-paced, so you can take classes, study, and answer assignments in your own time. Generally speaking, our curriculum is designed so that a student can usually advance one academic level per year by submitting about one assignment per week.

Apprentice students earn their Journeyman Certificate upon completing seven levels of study, which complete our Classical Educational model. Higher levels of advancement are available in the Magister Journeyman modules. Beyond these are the Adeptus levels and– the very greatest honors of all — when students choose to give back to Grey School by becoming Student Leaders or even Faculty.

Can a student take classes from a lower level once they reach the next level?

Why Yes You Can

Students are welcome to take classes from their current level and below. For example, if you’re a level 3 student, then you would be able to enroll in level 1, level 2, and level 3 classes. Magister students are free from level constraints in selecting courses.

What is virtual campus?

What is virtual campus?

Grey School’s virtual campus follows the trend of other online educational facilities with students around the world. By building a virtual campus in a central location like the internet, we are able to accommodate the needs of our students for community and real time conversation with faculty in virtual classrooms and other students in clubs and at All-School gatherings.

Is virtual campus mandatory? (is ice cream mandatory?)

Is virtual campus mandatory?

At Grey School of Wizardry, we enjoy the community of students and faculty on the forums and in our online classes. It is a great way for students and faculty to teach and learn together, in a self-paced environment. Adding the option of virtual campus for students adds another opportunity for students to take classes, and build community, all around the world.  visiting together with other students and faculty in real time conversation. It isn’t mandatory for any student to attend any function on virtual campus, but it might be fun.

Why is my computer having trouble in Second Life?

Why is my computer having trouble in SecondLife?

If you are visiting our virtual campus on Second Life and your computer is jumpy or otherwise having trouble, try turning down the settings on your “graphic preferences”. Better yet, take the vGSW Orientation class in our Alchemy Department. If you are new to virtual campus, you will learn a lot in this class.

Does Grey School have a non-online headquarters?

Is there a physical campus, too?

In November of 2015, Grey School of Wizardry opened its first physical campus, the Academy of Arcana in downtown Santa Cruz California featuring an esoteric research library, a museum of myth, magick and mysterie, and campus gift shop. Please visit www.academyofarcana.com for more information.

Are there social opportunities at Grey School?

Are there social opportunities at Grey School?

Yes, indeed! Social opportunities abound at Grey School of Wizardry. Here you will meet other students from all over the world in your House or Lodge forums. You can also be part of the fun, participating in clubs run by student leaders, and even on our virtual campus for class room conversations and regular seasonal celebrations.

How do I update my student information?

Can I change my student info?

It is important to keep your student information updated with Grey School. Your Magickal name is chosen by you upon enrollment, and used in all your Grey School communications. We use email as our primary means of communicating with students as well as postal delivery of certificates and other items throughout your studies. All of this information can be updated by contacting your House/Lodge Head or the Dean of Students office.

How do I pay tuition?

How do I pay tuition?

Payments can be made in one of two different ways. One way is to use the PayPal Subscription option. This will automatically take the payment out of your PayPal account so long as the funds are available. Another way is to mail in your payment through postal mail. You can do this by sending your payment to:

Grey School of Wizardry
PO Box 7375
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Is Grey School of Wizardry a non-profit school?

We are Non-Profit

Grey School of Wizardry is an officially recognized 501(c)3 non-profit educational facility, organized in the state of California in 2004. We are funded solely by student tuition, donations of alumni, and generous people just like you. Your donations to Grey School of Wizardry are highly encouraged, and show an excellent appreciation of the  Classical Arts and Sciences. Please consult a professional for tax advice.  

Can I leave Grey School and come back later?

Can I return to Grey School?

The path of a true Wizard takes many turns. If ever you need to leave Grey School for a time, you are also welcome to return when are able to focus on studies. We will miss you, and you will find a friendly welcome waiting. Your student account will remain pending until you return, and may be reactivated simply by making a tuition payment.