Dean Radin and Grey School

“Your online school is impressive. For a secular introduction to the esoteric traditions, their relationship to modern science, as well as the practice of magick, the curriculum seems well crafted and comprehensive.”

Best Wishes, Dean Radin PhD,

Chief scientist for the Institute Noetics Sciences.

Distinguished Prof.  Inst. of Integral Studies,

President Parapsychological Association,

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Explore, an Elsevier journal

We Are All Interconnected

“RedStormDreamer and I chose the Grey School of Wizardry to get our Wizardly education. We are women in

our 50s, we found GSW online, we have been taking classes for 2 years and we think it is a wonderful

education, and FUN! I am learning so much about the magickal life and about my magickal self. I would

recommend this school to EVERYONE….afterall….we are all connected!” –Melaine Jackson

Continually Amazed

“I love going to the school and so does my daughter. So thank you for all the hard work you guys are putting

into everything, we really appreciate it. The Grey School is the first place I really felt at home in. It’s more of a

family setting as well as a school and to accomplish that feel online is awesome. I am continually amazed at the

school and will do my best to help out whenever I am needed. Thank you again for your advice and for

answering our questions.”  –Rebecca Basley (Pinestorm)

Hats Off!


am so very pleased to be a part of this great institution of learning. The classes are fantastic. The

comraderie of the school is apparent right from the start. The staff is caring and supportive and

seem to go out of their way to ensure that a student is well guided in their participation in the

school. I find that the Grimoire is a fantastically useful guide for living a magickal life. Hats off

to you Headmaster Oberon! Thanks again for all that you have created!

My Solid Place

Grey School is my solid place that I can always come back to.

Grey School is the place that challenges me to achieve my best in all aspects of my life.

Grey School gives me a fully integrated experience of myself – my academics, my

spirituality, my relationships, my leadership, my creativity, my health…

Grey School puts me in charge of my education, gives me great responsibility, and

respects me and trust me.

It lets me reach for the moon without being afraid that everything will be lost if I miss.

Grey School gives me the best structured education (to be added to) that money can buy,

for almost nothing.

Grey School gives me the most interesting and wonderful friends a person could hope


Thank you all for all that you do to make this true.

Grey School Testimonial

Grey School forum post by Elrik Agathos » 10 Sep 2015, 05:55

This month marks my first full year at the GSW. One of the classes I am currently taking had me go back and review my journal entries for the past year. It really woke me up to how much I have grown in that time! I thought I would share my thoughts on that journey here.

It all really started when my oldest son became a cub scout. My wife signed him up and was rather upset that I would not take him to scouts as it is “a guy thing.” As a Christian, I had a real problem with the scouting program as they did not allow homosexuals leaders. If Jesus could hang out with prostitutes, I saw no reason why homosexuality should be an issue for the BSA, and I didn’t want my sons in an atmosphere of bigotry. Also, I wanted something more spiritual for my boys, and really something our daughter could join as well.

We tried a local group, a break off from the Boys and Girls Club, but it didn’t really work. I was praying really hard on this when I found the Grey School last August.

I truly felt that God had led me to the GSW. I see myself as a Christian Wizard, so it just kind of made sense. Yet I had my doubts. The school was started not just by a pagan (which is not an issue for me) but a well known evangelical pagan. Let’s face it, Oberon is the Billy Gram of the pagan world! If you don’t know pagans, you may have heard of him. I liked the guy, but all I really knew about him was his work with unicorns, which had fascinated me sense I had first seen them on TV when I was younger.

Yet I felt compelled to sign up. I thought the Lord was directing me to join the school, at first, to go through it to make sure it wasn’t really there to evangelize paganism. I really don’t care what faith my children become as adults, as long as they have faith. Yet I do not want to feel like we, their parents, are forcing our religion or any other on them. I didn’t want them to think we were signing them up to learn about becoming pagans.

I quickly outgrew that fear, as I was caught up in being reminded of things I had forgotten and learning new things here at the school. It was a joy! I couldn’t get my papers graded fast enough! Then came a tight spot at work and I was not able to keep up. I am still currently struggling for time, though now for new work related reasons. But I this week felt God’s call to me, telling me to get back to the school, and back to work. And so I did.

This leads me to my recent homework. I was asked to review my journal entries for the past year. I found this fitting as I have now been attending the GSW for a year. The changes I saw in myself upon reflection were astounding. I have truly grown. All of my kids are excited about turning 11 so they can sign up. We have 7, the first will be joining the GSW in late January. She is very excited. Her two older brothers are a bit jealous that they have to wait. And I am excited for them.

So, thank you to those here at the GSW that truly keep the school non-religious, a place where those of all faiths can learn the secrets of magick and wisdom.

Just Imagine…

Just Imagine….

Ten years from now: Over a hundred have graduated to Journeymen Wizard, and another thousand Apprentices continue in training. The pendants we wear are no longer merely logos of the school we attend, but the symbol of our Order. And our symbol is not just recognizable to those whom we call brother and sister, but to the greater world, both Magickal and Mundane. We are respected as honored and reliable sources of wisdom, guidance and hope to the communities we live in. We are recognized in congress, the military, in covens and conclaves, and through our deeds we are recognized as an organization devoted to helping influence the evolution of the world.
— Stacy, 1st Scabbard Prefect of the Society of the Four Winds

Preserving for Future Generations

The Grey School of Wizardry has become a place for those who wish to learn of arcane lore. It has not only

served us as a place of learning and knowledge but it has become a home and safe place for its students; a place

to retreat to if mundane life is hectic or unkind.

As human beings we are required to treat the Earth with reverence and respect, but often times, people

forget or take for granted the amazing gifts of the Earth, and desecrate it.

As Wizards, we are taught to enforce this within ourselves. We have become beacons of light for those who

have been lost and unable to see Earth’s beauty. Our love and care for the Earth and her many creatures will

help preserve what is left for future generations.

As Wizards, we learn, we act, we teach. We are only a small part of this world, and we do the best we can to

help those in need of our services.