Virtual Campus

Grey School of Wizardry’s virtual campus comes alive

for seasonal Conclaves with

people from all over the real-world.

This photo shows a few friends practicing for an event.

In 2014, Grey School of Wizardry joined the growing group of online educational facilities and opened our virtual campus on SecondLife. It was a bold leap forward, underlining Headmaster Oberon Zell’s commitment to making magickal teaching available and approachable in the 21st century and the Age of Technology.

Today, Grey School’s virtual campus has grown to become our international meeting place with real-time classes and opportunity for lecture, discussion, and student celebration. Here, you can talk with our faculty and other students in regular conversation or real-time chat, using an avatar version of yourself to experience the wonders of learning magick in a virtual classroom.

Using an avatar on SecondLife is free, and our campus is open to the public on that venue. Classes and club meetings are for students only, but if you are curious about Grey School of Wizardry and already have an avatar account on SecondLife, one way to find out more is to visit our virtual campus. Once you are there explore our Medieval village, campus halls and classrooms, or take a tour with a friendly local guide.

At Grey School’s virtual campus we are able to host regular seasonal events and school-wide celebrations, along with weekly classes and regular club meetings, too. Be sure to check the events calendar in Ozmeade Village Center.  Our virtual campus is an important way our students build global community into the 21st century.

Apart from use of its digital services for our virtual campus as a non-profit educational facility, Grey School of Wizardry has no affiliation or agreement with SecondLife, or its host company LindenLabs.