Student Social Life

We know learning isn’t only about books and papers.

That’s why Social Opportunities abound

at Grey School of Wizardry

Join interesting Clubs, Experience Conclaves, and Classes on virtual Campus,

Enjoy casual time for valuable interaction ~ and just have some fun!

House -or- Lodge?

Upon first login to Grey School, students are sorted into one four Elemental House or Lodges: Students under 18 are sorted into their Elemental House for Sylphs, Salamanders, Undines, or Gnomes. In these Lodges, young Apprentices can build friendships and help each other in the struggles of being a teenage Wizard.
Adult students over 18 are also sorted into one of four Elemental Lodges: Society of the Four Winds, Order of the Dancing Flames, Coterie of the Flowing Waters, or Circle of the Standing Stones. Each Elemental House/Lodge has a Faculty Head who serves as Mentor to the students in their Element, moderating the forum and performing other functions.
Our Lodges and Houses are the center of our student social life at Grey School, and at the heart of our student awards and academic merit competitions.

Captains & Prefects

Prefects and Captains are outstanding Grey School students, chosen to provide peer leadership in their House or Lodge.
The Prefect is an outstanding student within the House or Lodge appointed by the Head to help organize student events, awards and activities on the forums and virtual Campus. Prefect duties typically include things like welcoming new members, prompt discussions, proposing challenges, suggesting group projects, and other things that make the group feel lively and inviting. Also, if someone misbehaves, a quiet word from a respected Prefect could solve the problem before it requires the attention of a higher authority. Prefects serve a six-month term, from equinox to equinox.
Opportunity for leadership training continues for the Captains and Vice Captains, the student liaisons working directly with the Dean of Events to coordinate campus activity. Overseeing their whole age group, House Captains for youth students and Lodge Captains for adult students represent the student body to the Administration. Vice Captains serve six months. Then they become a “full” Captain and serve for another six months, helping to select a new Vice Captain to take their place in turn.

Challenges and Merits

The Challenge and Merit System recognizes students for extracurricular activities both in and out of the Grey School.
Merit Points reward personal achievement and participation. Challenges offer special opportunities to earn Points. Captains and Faculty may issue and post merits for Open Challenges on any topic; these can get quite creative. Department Challenges appear on a rotating schedule, and encourage all students to explore that Department’s subject. Houses, Lodges, Clubs, and other groups sometimes post challenges just for their members.
The results of the Merit Points Competition are announced twice a year, at the equinoxes. Youth and adult students compete separately. The number of Merit Points earned, academic credits earned, and student members all figure into the formula which calculates House/Lodge standing per six-month interval.
The House with the highest combined average wins the House Hat, and the Lodge with the highest combined average wins the Lodge Cup.

Student Groups & Grey Matters

Grey School offers many opportunities to socialize. Besides student interaction on virtual campus, we have a diverse selection of discussion groups, clubs, and a student newspaper, too. All faculty and student news and club discussion happens on our Grey School social media. It is a fun routine to check the daily thread for the latest in Wizardly conversation and content.
Groups & Clubs allow students opportunity to explore interest in a special area outside of class in a recognized format. They also provide a venue for students and faculty to socialize, share information and plan projects related to their club’s theme. Every club must have a Faculty Advisor, A Student Leader and at least two other student members. Clubs meet in their own chat thread, and often arrange to meet on virtual campus, too.
Grey Matters is our student blog. The student publications staff is led by a Faculty Editor who advises the student Editor-in-Chief. Newsletter “staff” are in charge of editing and publication, under supervision of the EiC and FA.  Staff members also gather news from the Administration, Departments, Clubs, and other sources. The newspaper has its own discussion thread in the Great Hall. All students are encouraged to submit their original work (essays, poetry, photos, artwork, etc.) for consideration.