Preserving for Future Generations

The Grey School of Wizardry has become a place for those who wish to learn of arcane lore. It has not only

served us as a place of learning and knowledge but it has become a home and safe place for its students; a place

to retreat to if mundane life is hectic or unkind.

As human beings we are required to treat the Earth with reverence and respect, but often times, people

forget or take for granted the amazing gifts of the Earth, and desecrate it.

As Wizards, we are taught to enforce this within ourselves. We have become beacons of light for those who

have been lost and unable to see Earth’s beauty. Our love and care for the Earth and her many creatures will

help preserve what is left for future generations.

As Wizards, we learn, we act, we teach. We are only a small part of this world, and we do the best we can to

help those in need of our services.