Frank “Hibou” Boimare III, BA, BS, MA, MS, MFA

Head of Water Elementals, Dean of Wizardry and Alchemy, Assistant Dean of Psychic Arts

Hibou is a researcher, teacher, and writer interested in a wide variety of magickal and mundane topics, including ancient civilizations, anthropology, art history, astronomy and cosmology, the Celts, communications, computers, cryptozoology, cultural studies, disaster and emergency management and planning, the Druids, earth-based traditions, the Fae and nature spirits, film, fine arts, genealogy, history, homeland security studies, HTML and CSS, the Internet and the World Wide Web, the Maya, museums, owls, paganism, planning, poetry, religion, science, shamanism, television, theatre, urban studies, and writing. He has trained as a Shamanic practitioner and is a Reiki student. He lives near New Orleans, Louisiana.