Bonnie “Artemis Aedhlynn” Englant, AOS, AAS, BS, MS

Department Dean of Natural Philosophy, and Magickal Practice

I entered The Grey School as a student in 2008, which was also my first Conclave, attended in New York State. I am working on a book of folklore right now, examining themes in the supernatural and how different cultures view these phenomena. My interest in magick began as a child when “odd” things would happen. I began, years later, looking for a good, yet non-religious school, to learn about all things magickal, and happened upon the Grimoire. I am now an eclectic magick sole practioner. My personal life is a bit of chaos, and exemplifies the saying: “out of Chaos comes Order.” I live with three cats – one orange (Pumpkin) , the other two black (Fido and Princess Cleo); and, four dogs. My dogs include a Pit/Lab mix (Princess Leia) and Gypsy the German Shepherd (my personal ADT combo) – the most amusing is the pairing of the Jack Russell (Toby) with the Irish Wolfhound (named Jax but called Moose), both belonging to my husband. My family just moved to a new home with twenty-eight surrounding acres, mostly hardwood timber. My dogs, cats and I explore the woods and are now trying to determine where my many gardens will find their new homes.